Posted on May 6, 2015

Should I hire a Private Attorney or go with a Public Defender?

Contrary to popular belief, public defenders are sharp lawyers who were selectively chosen out of a substantial number of applicants for the job. Public Defenders gain substantial experience especially within the courtroom they are assigned. However, the public defender’s office is overwhelmed with the number of cases assigned to their office each day. Therefore, the necessary time preparation on any particular case is lacking.

Most public defenders will meet with their client outside the courtroom to get their side of the story. Meanwhile, the attorney will be reading over the police report looking for any constitutional technicalities or defenses that appear. If the attorney does not see any issues at the first or second read, the attorney will engage in negotiations with the prosecutor in an effort for the client/defendant to get an advantageous plea deal.

Most people think that by hiring a private lawyer, you will better results because you’re paying someone versus being assigned an attorney by the state. That is not always the case. The rational for hiring a private attorney versus going with the public defenders offices is for someone to take a “closer look” at the case and perhaps conduct a more thorough investigation. A more thorough and effective investigation may lead to additional evidence in support of your defense which was not revealed upon a first or second reading of the arrest report(s).

Take for example going to a medical physician. One is not going to go to a general practicing physician when they have a bad heart and take the general physician’s diagnosis. Instead, one will go to a specialist who can take a closer look at your heart. Although there are no promises that a specialist will be able to treat your heart condition, at least you feel comfortable knowing you’ve done everything you could be get treated. Similarly hiring a private attorney for criminal charges, there is no guarantee that your case will be dismissed but at least you will feel comfortable knowing that you’ve a private hired attorney carefully reviewed the facts and evidence of your case.

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