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The Law Offices of John D. Rogers provide effective representation exclusively in white-collar, organized crime, police officer defense, homicide, and public corruption throughout Southern California and all Federal Courts nationwide. We pride ourselves in undertaking complex financial and corporate crimes while utilizing our resources to achieve noteworthy results. We stand ready to intervene at all stages of the criminal process including grand jury investigations, pre-indictment, and jury trial.

We not only represent corporations, entities, and individuals accused of financial crimes, but also dedicate our practice to defending police officers accused of a variety of offenses occurring while on duty. Our extensive experience allows us to defend virtually any criminal matter while displaying a professional, strategic, and focused approach to every case. With offices in Los Angeles and Orange County, we work to protect our clients throughout Southern California including Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Bernardino.


No matter what the allegations may entail, our office provides professional and experienced representation to explore all deficiencies and technicalities within the government’s case. Federal prosecutors are armed with unlimited governmental resources at their disposal to ensure an arrestee subsequently stands convicted for their crimes. Federal charges are often more complex requiring specialized knowledge in a different set of evidentiary rules and procedure. Investigations are conducted by agencies such as the SEC, FBI, and DEA. Federal charges are not only serious in nature, but carry substantial mandatory minimum sentences. Thus, it is important that an attorney be familiar with the federal sentencing schemes to ensure a client is not exposed to unnecessary penalties and prison time if convicted.


By retaining John Rogers, you can ensure a delicate and comprehensive analysis of all constitutional technicalities and defenses for trial. Mr. Rogers makes himself available to all clients at any time including holidays and weekends to discuss new evidence, investigation findings, and other case updates. A criminal allegation can have a devastating effect on your reputation, livelihood, and overall well-being which is why we strive to make every client feel as if they’re our only client.


If you are under investigation by local police or federal agents, you must act quickly and secure representation. Early intervention by an experienced attorney can make the difference of serving time in prison or having the case rejected altogether. Investigative agencies ordinarily take advantage of those who are not represented and unfamiliar with their rights. Consequently, you could be providing information and evidence that could permanently impact a future defense. To properly and legally deflect an investigation, you must retain an attorney who can speak on your behalf to ensure you do not make any incriminating admissions. Furthermore, an early defense investigation could help reveal crucial favorable evidence that could put an end to the investigation or be preserved defend the case at trial.


Retaining a criminal defense attorney with strategic and trial experience is vital to obtaining exceptional results. Government prosecutors strive to win their cases and achieve convictions for employment promotion. Without early intervention of counsel at the earliest stage of the case could be detrimental and lead to permanent effects in your case. Contact John Rogers today to discuss your case.