Theft Crimes

In California, the severity of a theft crime depends on either the manner in which the theft was carried out or the amount taken from the alleged victim or corporation. Additionally, any theft crime involving the use of a weapon or home invasion will automatically be a “strike” offense potentially affecting one’s life forever, not to mention facing a mandatory state prison sentence.

Some white collar theft crimes can be complex requiring the use of forensic experts to analyze financial documents and money trails. Attorney John Rogers has access to numerous defense experts to assist in the preparation of your defense to earn a complete dismissal or acquittal of all charges. It’s important to note that theft crimes should be handled at the earliest possible stage.

Consequently, if one is convicted of a theft crime they could face time in state prison or up to one year in the county jail. Additionally, counseling classes, probation / parole supervision, and a substantial amount of fines, and restitution usually follows.



  • Falsely Accused: There are many instances where someone can be false accused for a theft crime. John Rogers devotes his representation to expose fabrications or exaggerations to earn a complete dismissal.
  • Consent: If one has been allows to take an item or money, then they are not guilty of any theft crime.
  • Good-Faith: In someone instances, if you have a good-faith claim of right to the item(s) or money, then you can defend these charges by your belief.
  • Lack of Specific Intent: All theft crimes are specific intent crimes. If one did not have the specific intent to commit a theft crime, then they are not guilty of any theft offense.


In California, certain theft crimes are categorized as wobbler offenses which means the prosecutor holds discretion on whether to charge someone with a felony or misdemeanor. Factors the prosecutor considers is one’s prior criminal history and or the severity of the current offense – i.e., the theft amount is substantial. Fortunately, if one is convicted of a felony “wobbler” offense, then they may be eligible to reduce their felony to a misdemeanor upon successful completion of probation.


In some instances, one can prevent theft charges from being filed if they act quickly by retaining a theft crimes lawyer. Often times, attorneys can submit a package to the filing prosecutor containing character letters, your side of the story, along with any exculpatory evidence in an effort to reject the case completely from ever being filed. Additionally, it’s always helpful to show the prosecuting attorney that the alleged victim has been repaid in full prior to any charges being filed.


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