Sex Crimes

Accusations of any sex crime carries devastating consequences not only within the courts but destroys personal relationships with friends and family even if charges are ultimately dismissed. To prevent circumstances from getting even more out of proportion, one should retain a criminal defense attorney at the earliest possible time to begin a defense investigation. Law enforcement and prosecutors treat sex cases extremely seriously and often press for a mandatory state prison sentence. The most damaging evidence is one’s own incriminating statements to police officers which is why one should avoid talking to law enforcement at all costs. Additionally, one should refrain from discussing the case with any friends, family, or acquaintances because law enforcement will be speaking with them about you. Furthermore, one should never contact the alleged victim and instead seek legal representation immediately.



  • Falsely Accused: Unfortunately, false accusations are common and often motivated by financial gain, child custody, or simply revenge. It’s unfortunate for someone to be falsely accused which is why it’s important to retain an attorney to conduct a full investigation of the evidence to expose the victim’s fabrications.
  • Victim is Exaggerating the Circumstances: The alleged victim is usually blowing the circumstances of their injuries or the incident way out of proportion. Similar to being false accused, it’s important to retain an attorney immediately to conduct a full investigation of the evidence to expose the victim’s hypersensitivity of gross exaggerations.
  • Consent: In some circumstances, the alleged victim consented to the acts which serves as an absolute defense.
  • Mistaken Identification: Mistaken identification is a growing concerning in the courts, especially when it’s not corroborated by any physical evidence. Unfortunately, prosecutors tend to maintain prosecution against a criminal defendant even though the identification of the defendant is questionable.
  • Mistake Recollection / Memory: There are numerous factors which would play an important role impairing or falsifying an alleged victim’s recollection of the events. Factors include pressure from the victim’s family, law enforcement suggesting or improper tactic of building false memories, etc. Overtime, a victim can think certain events occurred when in reality it never happened.


  • County Jail or California State Prison
  • Formal Supervised Probation or Parole
  • Life Time Requirement to Register as a Sex Offender
  • Years Worth of Sex Offender Counseling
  • Protective Order / Stay Away Imposed
  • Court Ordered Fines & Restitution to the Victim


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