Newport Beach Sex Crimes Lawyer

December 25, 2017

When facing sex crime allegations in Newport Beach or any other part of California, the potential repercussions are often more enduring compared to other serious offenses. The societal stigma attached to sex crimes can persist, even in cases where the accusations are ultimately disproven.

Being convicted of offenses such as child pornography, child molestation, or other sexual offenses can lead to lasting and irrevocable harm to your reputation. Additionally, a conviction typically requires registration as a sex offender, which brings about significant limitations on where you can reside or travel. Given these severe implications, securing the services of a reputable and experienced Newport Beach sex crimes lawyer promptly is crucial.

Types of Sex Crimes

If you find yourself accused of a sex crime in California, it’s essential to promptly decline any communication with law enforcement and assert your right to have a Newport Beach sex crimes lawyer present during any interrogation. Seeking legal representation at an early stage is beneficial, as it enables our office to endeavor to avert the filing of charges against you. We have effectively persuaded prosecutors not to pursue sex crime charges by employing various tactics, including addressing issues related to search and seizure, highlighting instances of police misconduct, uncovering motives for the alleged victim to fabricate accusations, and contesting the reliability of eyewitness accounts.

Contact an Experienced Newport Beach Sex Crimes Lawyer

Understanding the severe and far-reaching consequences of a sex crime conviction on all facets of your life, the Law Offices of John D. Rogers is committed to vigorously defending the rights of those accused and questioning the credibility of both physical evidence and witness statements. Our primary objective is to intervene promptly, aiming to disrupt the prosecution’s case and forestall the filing of charges. However, if charges are brought forward, we robustly strive for their dismissal or an acquittal. We invite you to contact our office to discuss your situation with a skilled Newport Beach sex crimes lawyer in a private and confidential environment.

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