Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence charges are aggressively prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office. However, these charges are often a misunderstanding and law enforcement and prosecutors grossly exaggerate the circumstances. If one has been arrested, it’s in their best interest to retain a criminal defense attorney at the earliest possible stage. You want to avoid contact with the accuser and make no statement to law enforcement at all costs unless you have an attorney present.

Contrary to popular belief, the prosecutor can maintain charges against someone even if the alleged victim “doesn’t want to press charges.” One can find themselves in a situation substantially out of proportion which is why it’s imperative one consult with a criminal defense attorney right away. Additionally, prosecutors often seek jail time, probation, court fines, counseling classes, 52 weeks worth of anger management classes, and a restraining order prohibiting all contact with the alleged victim.

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The Law Offices of John D. Rogers is devoted to exposing all inconsistencies or exaggerations to get the case dismissed to help you move on with your life and avoid unnecessary consequences. There are methods of avoiding or preventing charges from being filed against you so it’s important to contact an attorney right away before the prosecutor files the case against you. Mr. Rogers can speak with the prosecutor and present your evidence and your side of the story in an effort to get the case rejected completely.

Representing those Accused of the following:

Common Defenses

  • Falsely Accused: False accusations are common and often motivated by financial gain, child custody, or simply revenge. It’s unfortunate for someone to be falsely accused which is why it’s important to retain an attorney to conduct a full investigation of the evidence to expose the victim’s fabrications.
  • Victim is Exaggerating the Circumstances: The alleged victim is usually blowing the circumstances of their injuries or the incident way out of proportion. Similar to being false accused, it’s important to retain an attorney immediately to conduct a full investigation of the evidence to expose the victim’s hypersensitivity of gross exaggerations.
  • Self-Defense: If you were acting in self-defense to prevent unreasonable risk of injury or death, then you are not guilty under these crimes.
  • Did Not Act Willfully: Domestic violence offenses require you to act with a specific purpose. If the incident leading to your arrest was done on accident, then you are not guilty.

Defense Investigator

When arrested for a crime, police officers rarely collect evidence to help you with your case. In fact, police officers tailor their reports to only include evidence of your guilt while disregarding all the evidence available in your favor. Utilizing the use of a private investigator to conduct a defense investigation is always recommended to prepare a defense on your behalf. For instance, contacting witnesses to interview, viewing physical evidence, taking photographs of the scene, and contacting the victim, checking the victim’s prior criminal record, etc.

Pertinent Evidence for Your Defense

  • Names of neighbors or potential witnesses
  • Text, email exchanges, phone records, facebook messages
  • Audio or Video Records of the Incident
  • All Evidence Tending to Show Victim’s Motivation to Lie
  • Evidence of Your Injuries
  • Victim’s Criminal Record
  • Victim’s Mental Illnesses
  • Substance or Alcohol Abuse

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