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Have you been arrested or are under investigation for a sex crime in Orange County? Retaining the right Orange County sex crimes attorney could be one of the most important decisions in your life. Sex charges are extremely serious that ultimately carry life changing consequences. Even unsupported accusations negatively affect a person social status, friendships, employment, and even marriages. Don’t let accusations get out of control, contact us so we can get started in deflecting the case before it even reaches the inside of a courtroom.

Overview of California Sex Crimes

California has a history for having the toughest laws against sex charges in the United States. And every year revisions in the law increase the penalties for those who stand convicted. Ordinarily, someone convicted of a sex charge can face a length jail sentence and have to register as a sex offender with local law enforcement. Registration will control where you live, where you work, and the ability to associate with family members under the age of 18. Because of the devastating consequences following a sex crime conviction, retaining a knowledgeable Orange County sex crime defense attorney is vital to ensure that every stone is not left unturned.

Our office devotes a substantial amount of time representing clients standing accused in federal court for sex allegations. The difficulty in either state or federal court is the mandatory punishment that follows if convicted. Because of the moral repugnance of sex allegations, unfortunately society deems a person guilty merely based on allegations alone. You must obtain the right attorney to explain your side of the story and mount your defense. It is not uncommon for someone to be wrongly accused or become the product of government overcharging.

Defending Sex Crime Charges

  • Mistaken Identification: Mistaken identification is a growing concerning in the courts, especially when it’s not corroborated by any physical evidence – e.g., DNA, finger prints, video footage, or an independent objective witness. Unfortunately, prosecutors tend to maintain prosecution against a criminal defendant even though the identification of the defendant is questionable. Factors ordinarily associated with misidentification include cross-racial identification, poor lighting, stress of the event itself, or suggestiveness of police.
  • False Accusations: False accusations are unfortunately common and often motivated by financial gain, child custody, or simply revenge. Exposing a false claim requires an extensive investigation into your accuser or person orchestrating the accusations (e.g., mother of the child) in order to expose motivation to fabricate a claim.
  • Mistaken Memory: There are numerous factors which would play an important role impairing or falsifying an alleged victim’s recollection of the event(s). Factors include pressure from the victim’s family or law enforcement’s suggestive tactic of building false memories. Overtime, a victim can think certain events occurred when in reality it never happened.
  • Consent: Consent is a common defense for rape allegations or sexual battery. Often, an alleged victim will consent to a sexual act but overtime have “buyers remorse.” Consent is a very specific defense requiring the totality of the circumstances to be examined – e.g., where did the act take place; how did both parties meet; have you had any sexual relations previously; etc.

Contact an Experienced Orange County Sex Crimes Attorney

Never believe that a sex crime investigation will go away. The government has unlimited resources to use to ensure that a person standing accused will later be convicted. These allegations must be delicately handled by a reputable Orange County sex crimes attorney. Every sex case is different and the circumstances can make you feel alienated in the pursuit of addressing these matters. Contact the Law Offices of John D. Rogers today to schedule a free confidential consultation. We will provide you with reassuring counsel so that you will never feel alone in your situation.

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