Posted on October 2, 2015

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With the use of technological advancement on mobile devices, more people are filming police officers effectuating the arrest of suspects. In the event a suspect is resistive, officers usually engage in force to subdue the suspect to safely place them in custody. However, although from a law enforcement perspective the officer’s action appear to be reasonable, society, and especially the media, will carefully and negatively scrutinize the officer’s performance. In that instance, what is usually common and trained procedure for subduing a resistive suspect, turns into massive exposure calling for the officer’s employment termination. But most people don’t understand the need for officer safety given that a police officer does not know the person they are arresting. Whether the suspect has a weapon, attempts to strike the officer, or perhaps evade arrest, are all calculated considerations a police officer must consider under the unknown circumstances.

The Law Offices of John D. Rogers is committed to assisting law enforcement accused of crime. Whether it be police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and probation officers, law enforcement must have an attorney who can competently handle their situations to achieve the best possible outcome, an acquittal or dismissal of all charges. Nearly all accusations are mere exaggerations and unfortunately it takes time to delicately expose these exaggerations or fabrications against you. Mr. Rogers understands that law enforcement performance in the field is not something that can be taught in the classroom or academy, but takes years of training in the field, personal experience, and learnings from senior officers. It important to reveal the difficult tasks of being a law enforcement officer which is why you should count in Mr. Rogers to represent you in reclaiming your innocence and exposing the false accusations.

Allegations of misconduct may include: theft, filing a false police report, planting evidence, concealing exculpatory evidence, excessive force, and sexual misconduct. The prosecuting agency normally examines the evidence in light most favorable to the officer by giving the officer’s side of the story more latitude prior to deciding in whether to file charges. And without the use of photographs or video evidence, the burden of prosecuting and convicting a police officer becomes more challenging. Furthermore, suspects have a substantial motive to fabricate or exaggerate the circumstances given they suffered an arrest – a point that is necessary to expose in an effort to dismiss the charges or gain an acquittal at trial.

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If you’re a law enforcement officer, whether you’re a probation officer, sheriff’s deputy, or police officers, and you’ve been arrested, charged, or under investigation for a criminal offense, in either state or federal court, then contact the Law Offices of John D. Rogers. Call 877-888-9820 for a free confidential consultation concerning your rights and defenses.

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