Driving Offenses

Driving offenses are frequent charges within the courts from simple traffic citations to DUI causing injury. Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney John Rogers has handled hundreds of driving offense crimes and has a proven track record of success from substantially reducing the charges or earning a complete dismissal of all charges. The fines associated with driving offenses can be substantial. For instance, if one is convicted of driving on a suspended license, one can expect to pay over $1,400 in court costs. Additionally, driving offenses are “priorable” which means the consequences become harsher for any subsequent convictions.

Representing those Accused of:

Driving offense can become severe especially if an accident occurs while someone was under the influence. For instance, if one is arrested for DUI causing an accident which results in an injury, one faces a minimum of 4 years in California state prison. Not to mention, one would face a substantial amount of fines and owe restitution to the victim for injuries.

Common Defense to Driving Offenses

There are a number offenses available to driving offenses, each specifically geared to a particular charge list above. The most common defense is a violation of one’s Fourth Amendment right under the United States Constitution. Specifically, police officers must justify the reason to conduct a traffic stop. Your defense attorney will submit a “motion to suppress” claiming the traffic stop was not supported with enough cause to justify the traffic detention. If the judge rules in a defendant’s favor deeming the traffic stop unlawful, all evidence, including statements and physical evidence, will be ordered suppressed (inadmissible) and the prosecutor will be unable to proceed with the case. As a result, the case will be dismissed.

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