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Federal crimes are very serious offenses that occur when someone either violates federal law or commits a crime on federal property. Federal charges are prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office rather than state prosecutors. Various federal law enforcement agencies investigate federal crimes including:

The federal government has vast resources at its disposal. They meticulously investigate a case for years before formal charges follow. If the government successfully obtains a conviction, the consequences can be severe and place a defendant in financial ruin. Moreover, it’s not uncommon for the prosecution to seize all assets, bank accounts, and property that are connected to the crime.

Attacking the Prosecutor’s Case and Protecting Your Rights

Early Intervention is Critical

Early intervention is paramount to defending any federal charge. Our office can quickly intervene to help reduce the risk of you being charged. The earliest part of an investigation can be the most critical because the government’s investigation only gains momentum over time. Our office can employ experts, and investigators, and preserve crucial evidence before it gets lost or destroyed.

Penalties for Federal Crimes

The penalties for a federal conviction are determined by the federal sentencing guidelines. A federal sentencing hearing is arguably one of the most important hearings in a federal criminal case. The appropriate sentence is determined by a number of factors, such as the loss figure, your role in the offense, the number of victims, and your prior criminal history. Each federal crime is given a base level that identifies the number of months an offender should spend in prison. The judge then departs from the guidelines based on both aggravating and mitigating factors. Calculating your exact prison exposure is very complex and tedious. Even the most seasoned federal criminal attorneys cannot opine with certainty the sentence you will receive in accordance with the sentencing guidelines.

But a sentencing judge takes into consideration a defendant’s background, offense characteristics, and the defendant’s personal character. Not every defendant receives the same sentence for the same federal crime. Accordingly, it’s crucial to prepare a detailed and thoughtful sentencing memorandum to convince the judge why a defendant should receive a lower sentence than what the sentencing guidelines recommend.

Not only does a defendant face a substantial amount of time in prison, but other collateral consequences must also be considered. It is not uncommon for the federal government to place someone in financial ruin if convicted. Moreover, the government is notorious for seizing bank accounts, stocks, real estate, and anything else that can be connected to the crime. Other consequences include a lifetime firearm prohibition; loss of your professional license, and adverse immigration consequences. Therefore, when faced with the substantial effects of a federal conviction, retaining an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer in Santa Ana is paramount.

Contact an Experienced San Bernardino Federal Crimes Attorney

When the federal government accuses you of a crime, retaining an experienced San Bernardino federal crimes attorney is crucial. Retaining an inexperienced lawyer can cause irreparable harm to your case and future. Not all criminal defense attorneys are competent to handle criminal cases at the federal level. Therefore, contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced federal attorney.

Attorney John D. Rogers is a board-certified criminal law specialist by the state bar of California. Only a small percentage of California criminal attorneys in California hold this distinction. He is familiar with the judges and prosecutors in the Central District and can advise you on all the appropriate steps to take. White collar crimes, firearms, drug offenses, and violent crimes are among the types of cases he’s handled in federal court.

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