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June 12, 2016

Having an outstanding bench warrant creates an unnerving feeling because law enforcement may arrest you unexpectedly.  Consequently, you may not be entitled to post bail and may be subjected to addressing the judge while in custody.  Bench warrants are issued by the judge when a defendant fails to appear at any stage of the case.  The only way to recall and quash a bench warrant is to appear before the judge.

Warrants issued in traffic court can be recalled without our client’s presence.  Our office will strive to convince the court not to impose additional fines and fees as a result of our client’s failure to appear.  In addition, some courts will permit the attorney to appear on behalf of our client’s without their personal presence.  Generally, recalling a warrant on a misdemeanor case is largely dependent on the nature of the crime and a person’s prior criminal history.  In all felony cases, a defendant’s personal appearance is mandatory to recall the warrant.

Reasons Why Bench Warrants are Issued

  • Failing to pay court fines & fees
  • Failing to show up to court at your arraignment
  • Failing to show up to court at any stage of the case
  • Failing to show progress in community service or court classes
  • Showing up late to court after the case was called
  • Failing to show up to court after being subpoenaed

Contact an Experienced Newport Beach Bench Warrant Attorney

How the warrant is recalled is a question of strategy from an experienced Bench Warrant Attorney in Newport Beach.  It’s important to retain an attorney familiar with the specific courthouse and even judge to swiftly recall the warrant without suffering greater penalties than necessary.  Contact the Law Offices of John D. Rogers for a free confidential consultation concerning your outstanding warrant and the best course of action to have it recalled and quashed completely.

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