Posted on July 8, 2019

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein Charged with Sex Trafficking Minors

On Friday, Florida billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for allegedly sex trafficking multiple minors in New York and Florida over a decade ago. Federal authorities immediately took Epstein into custody after he was returning from Europe.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation – Crimes Against Children Task Force investigated the case after Epstein was previously convicted of child molestation of dozens of underage girls in Florida. Epstein, however, has virtually avoided any significant jail time despite being convicted of child sex crimes.

This comes as no surprise since Epstein has been subjected to litigation by dozens of victims who claimed Epstein sexually abused them over the years.

Sources familiar with the investigation revealed that federal prosecutors obtained a grand jury indictment which will be unsealed Monday morning. Epstein is currently being held in federal jail awaiting his initial appearance in federal court Monday morning.

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