Charges Dismissed Against Actor Kevin Spacey After Accuser Refuses to Testify

July 21, 2019

Massachusetts prosecutors have dismissed charges against actor Kevin Spacey after his accuser refused to testify about his missing cellular phone that purportedly held evidence of a sexual assault. Spacey continues to deny groping his accuser in a bar in Nantucket in 2016. When these allegations surfaced, Spacey was fired from the hit Netflix series House of Cards in 2017 after more than a dozen men accused him of harassment and sexual assault.

In January of this year, Spacey pleaded not guilty to charges that he forcefully put his hands down his 18 year old accuser’s pants. Spacey also challenged the Nantucket allegations in a strange video titled, “Let Me Be Frank,” which was uploaded to an unverified YouTube account in December 2018.

Questions regarding the custody of the accuser’s phone surfaced during a hearing along with whether the accuser deleted portions of his text message exchange with Spacey. Spacey’s accuser, pleaded the Fifth Amendment, but previously stated he could not find certain text messages and denied having any knowledge of deletions on the phone, though in one of the three screenshots presented as evidence, half of the conversation is missing.

After the hearing, prosecutors filed a motion to dismiss the charges citing “…the unavailability of the complaining witness.” In other words, prosecutors can no longer continue with their case without the cooperation of the accuser.

Spacey is still facing sexual crime charges in the United Kingdom.

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