Costa Mesa Domestic Violence Attorney

January 19, 2019

Have you been arrested or charged with domestic violence in Costa Mesa? Retaining a reputable and experienced Costa Mesa Domestic Violence Attorney may be one of the most important decisions you make. When the stakes are high, contact the Law Offices of John D. Rogers to speak with a defense lawyer who knows how to mount your defense. Let our office help you avoid the social stigma of forever being labeled as a domestic abuser. Our history of successful results will enable you to understand that just because you’ve been arrested does not mean you’re guilty of a crime.


Overview of California Domestic Violence Laws

In California, domestic violence charges ordinarily stem from a familial relationship between the suspect and purported victim. However, the law also extends domestic violence charges against roommates and even former relationship partners. Domestic violence occurs in the form of committing an unlawful touching upon the alleged victim or placing them in fear of imminent harm. Our office handles an array of domestic violence charges including:

A conviction for domestic violence carries life changing consequences including losing your right to own or possess a firearm, a criminal protective order will be imposed barring all contact with your accuser, and even lead to jail time. Additionally, a conviction may lead to the revocation of a professional license or someone’s employment security clearance.

Defending Domestic Violence Charges

  • Self-Defense: If you were acting in self-defense to prevent unreasonable risk of injury or death, then you are not guilty under these crimes. Self-defense is applicable to any person regardless of the purported victim’s sex or size. Furthermore, the law provides that no person must retreat when faced with a threat of force, and a defendant can freely stand their ground to defend themselves or others from harm.
  • Accident: Domestic violence offenses require you to act with a specific purpose. If the incident leading to your arrest was done on accident or the product of misfortune, then you are not guilty.
  • Falsely Accused: False accusations are common and often motivated by financial gain, child custody, or simply revenge. Its unfortunately common for a party to fabricate charges and manipulate the criminal justice system against an innocent person. Our domestic violence attorney’s do not tolerate this conduct are we are prepared to defend anyone who is being held liable under these circumstances.

Contact an Experienced Costa Mesa Domestic Violence Attorney

When you have been arrested or charged with domestic violence in Costa Mesa, you need to speak with an experienced Costa Mesa domestic violence attorney. Call us today to schedule a free consultation concerning your rights and defenses. Our defense lawyers will answer all your questions, instruct you on formulating your defense, and provide you with the latest updates on the law. Contact us today because early intervention of a domestic violence defense lawyer could mean the difference of serving time in jail versus having the government’s case deflected before it even reaches a courtroom.

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