Eyewitness Testimony Can Be Faulty in Criminal Cases

May 19, 2023

Dr. Elizabeth Loftus is a renowned psychologist and expert in the field of human memory. She has made significant contributions to the understanding of how memory works, particularly in terms of the reliability and accuracy of eyewitness testimony. Her work has been widely recognized and has been used in numerous criminal jury trials to challenge the validity of eyewitness accounts.

Dr. Loftus has been particularly vocal about the unreliability of eyewitness testimony, which is often considered to be one of the most persuasive forms of evidence in criminal trials. Through her extensive research and experimentation, she has shown that eyewitness accounts can be easily influenced by a variety of factors, including suggestions, post-event information, and even leading questions. These factors can cause eyewitnesses to recall events inaccurately, or even to construct entirely false memories.

One of Dr. Loftus’ most well-known studies involved an experiment in which participants were shown a film of a traffic accident and asked questions about the events they had just witnessed. Participants were divided into two groups: one group was asked leading and suggestive questions, while the other group was asked neutral questions. The results of the study showed that participants who were asked leading questions were much more likely to recall events that did not actually occur in the film.

These findings have important implications for the use of eyewitness testimony in criminal trials. Eyewitnesses are often questioned by the police soon after a crime has been committed when their memories are still fresh. However, this is also a time when they are most susceptible to suggestions and the influence of post-event information. This means that their memories may not be accurate and that outside factors may contaminate eyewitness accounts.

In criminal trials, eyewitness testimony is often used to convict defendants, even when other evidence is weak or circumstantial. This can lead to wrongful convictions, and Dr. Loftus’ research has helped to raise awareness of the potential problems associated with eyewitness testimony. Her work has been used in numerous high-profile cases to challenge the validity of eyewitness accounts and to call into question the reliability of such evidence.

One example of Dr. Loftus’ work being used in a criminal trial is the case of Ronald Cotton, a North Carolina man who was convicted of rape based largely on the testimony of the victim. The victim identified Cotton as her attacker, and he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. However, several years later, another man confessed to the crime, and DNA evidence confirmed his guilt. Cotton was eventually exonerated and released from prison, but not before he had spent over a decade behind bars.

In this case, Dr. Loftus was called as an expert witness to testify about the unreliability of eyewitness testimony and the potential for contamination of memory. She explained the results of her research and how memory can be influenced by suggestions, post-event information, and leading questions. Her testimony helped to highlight the problems with eyewitness testimony and to cast doubt on the reliability of the victim’s identification of Cotton as her attacker.

In another example, Dr. Loftus was called to testify in the case of a man named George Franklin, who was convicted of murder based largely on the testimony of his daughter. The daughter claimed that she had witnessed the crime as a child and had only recently remembered the event. However, Dr. Loftus testified that this type of “repressed memory” is not scientifically supported and is not considered a reliable form of evidence. Her testimony helped to challenge the validity of the daughter’s account and to raise questions about the reliability of her testimony.

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