Posted on October 13, 2018

Federal Real Estate Fraud

Real estate fraud in federal court occurs when someone makes misrepresentations or omissions holding the specific intent to defraud another. Often times, the crime occurs in the course of financial loans to secure property or a mortgage. Furthermore, it can occur virtually in any stage of the loan process, including misrepresenting qualification and/or licensing. Generally, federal real estate fraud can be charged if someone:

  1. Lies on a mortgage application to purchase a home;
  2. Misrepresenting your personal credit;
  3. Filing financial statements to a lender you know to be false;
  4. Omitting critical information during a loan transaction;
  5. Defrauding someone who is in foreclosure when you are an investor.

The government ordinarily assumes that you intended to defraud when the documents are fraudulent. But financial statements are complex and mistakes are often occur. Accordingly, just because documents are false does not mean a suspect intended to defraud another.

A conviction for real estate fraud is extremely harsh. The court will order the payment of restitution and can impose a sentence of up to 30 years. Thus, if you are under investigation for real estate fraud, then contact an experienced Orange County federal crimes attorney at the Law Offices of John D. Rogers to schedule a free consultation.

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