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December 18, 2015

The City of Long Beach is located at the very southern portion of Los Angeles County known for its reputable scenery, beach, and social establishments frequented by Long Beach locals as well as Los Angeles County residences and California State University Long Beach college students. With fun and pleasure may come instances where one is arrested by the Long Beach Police Department. In that unfortunate event, one should consider retaining a Long Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer to represent them who’s familiar with the area and prosecutors and frequently handles Long Beach criminal cases in order to obtain the best and most advantageous result.


Don’t assume that because you’ve been arrested for a crime automatically means you’re guilty of a crime. If you suffered from a misdemeanor, then your case will be forwarded to the Long Beach City Prosecutor’s Office for criminal filing review. If you suffered from a felony arrest, your case will be forwarded to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office for review and formal criminal filing. Regardless of the severity of the arrest, all criminal cases will result in charges filed at the Long Beach Courthouse.

Long Beach Criminal Defense

Long Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer John Rogers initially developed rare unique training from the nation’s most reputable prosecutors. He now exclusively devotes his entire practice to defending those accused of committing a criminal offense. He’s passionate about his client’s rights and strives to earn a case dismissal or acquittals at trial. When necessary, the Law Offices of John D. Rogers will employ investigators and defense experts to closely examine and analyze the evidence to obtain a full case dismissal or substantial reduction of the charges. Mr. Rogers represents those accused of theft, weapon offenses, drugs, up to violent felonies and homicide cases. If you suffer from an arrest within the City of Long Beach, call John Rogers (949) 625-4487.

Long Beach DUI Defense Lawyer

The Law Offices of John D. Rogers has a division solely devoted to representing those accused of driving under the influence in Long Beach. Whether you’re charged with a first time DUI, or have multiple prior convictions, it’s important your case is handled with proper and confidential guidance. Just because you were arrested for suspicion of DUI does not mean you’re guilty. A DUI can have substantial consequences from losing your licenses, probations, substantially high court fines and even jail time, which is why Mr. Rogers will personally handle and examine your case to find certain technicalities which may result in a complete dismissal or reduction. Long Beach DUI Attorney John Rogers will strive to achieve the best possible result and help you move on with your life.

Early Intervention by a Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney

Early intervention by the Law Offices of John D. Rogers could be the difference of having your case rejected versus having to serve time in Los Angeles county jail. When deciding whether to file charges, the prosecutor will examine the evidence very narrowly. Moreover, the prosecutor will only consider the police officers arrest report and base their decision to file charges on the officer’s one-sided report favoring your guilt. However, when appropriate, Mr. Rogers will submit a mitigation package consisting of your side of the story, exculpatory evidence, additional evidence or witness statements, or evidence of your arrest being a misunderstanding in an effort to persuade the prosecutor to reject the case completely and avoid charges from ever being filed.

Long Beach Criminal Defense Investigation

Whether you’re charged with a DUI or violent felony, the Law Offices of John D. Rogers may employ expert witnesses and/or defense investigators to conduct a thorough investigation of the prosecutor’s evidence. Experts may include: DUI Blood Alcohol Experts, Former LAPD Police Officers, and Eyewitness Identification experts. Every client retaining the Law Offices of John D. Rogers deserves nothing less than a thorough, confidential, and complete investigation of their case.

Long Beach Search and Seizure Issues

Mr. Rogers focuses a substantial amount of his representation analyzing unlawful search and seizure issues in violation of his client’s Fourth Amendment right. All search and seizure issues are extremely fact specific requiring a detailed exploration of the evidence commonly overlooked by other lawyers. Whether it be an unlawful traffic stop, unlawful detention, and unlawful searches into your car, person, or home.

Contact an Experienced Long Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are under investigation, arrested, or charged with a crime by the Long Beach Police Department, contact Long Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer at the Law Offices of John D. Rogers. Call (949) 625-4487 now for a free confidential consultation concerning your rights and defenses.

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