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July 10, 2016

A warrant is typically issued by a judge when someone fails to appear in court. Warrants are issued in felony, misdemeanor, and even infraction cases relating to traffic matters.  A lengthy passage of time will have no effect on the warrant.  The only way to recall and quash an outstanding warrant is to appear before the court.  In some cases, a warrant attorney may appear on your behalf relieving you from addressing the court.  A warrant may also be issued allowing law enforcement to search a premises.  If a warrant has been issued for your arrest or to search your property, retaining an experienced Warrant Lawyer is necessary.


BENCH WARRANTS: If a person fails to appear in court, the judge will issue a bench warrant.  Consequently, law enforcement will be forced to arrest you upon contact.  This includes traffic stops, airports, and even hotels.  Bench warrants are typically issued when someone fails to appear for their arraignment or fails to submit proof of progress or completion of their sentencing obligations.  Appearing before the judge is the only method to recall a warrant.  However, depending upon the type of offense and other factors, an attorney may be able to recall the warrant without your physical presence.  In some unfortunate instances, people can have outstanding bench warrants for months if not years without their knowledge.  This is namely due to lack of notice by the court, prosecutor’s office, or police.

ARREST WARRANTS: An arrest warrant is issued by the judge mandating the arrest or detention after charges have been filed.  Typically at the conclusion of the investigation, law enforcement seek the signature of the judge to immediately arrest the suspect.  Arrest warrants may be issued in any type of case but typically involve the more serious felony crimes.  Similar to a bench warrant, an arrest warrant may only be recalled and quashed via personal presence.  But as noted above, our office strives to make the appearance on behalf of our clients reliving them from attending court.

SEARCH WARRANTS: Search warrants are issued after law enforcement requests to search the property of a suspect.  Certain formalities must be followed before a search warrant is issued.  For instance, police must draft an affidavit explaining why they’re seeking to search a particular property, and the affidavit must be supported with credible evidence amounting to probable cause.  Once the judge signs off on the warrant, police are then permitted to enter, detain those on the property, and conduct a search for evidence of a crime.  When police execute a search warrant on your property, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be arrested.  It means that an investigation has revealed there may be evidence of criminal activity occurring within your premises.


The Law Offices of John D. Rogers has extensive experience handling all types of warrants throughout Los Angeles County.  Our Bench Warrant Attorneys provide clients with guidance and structure our representation to swiftly recall the warrant without our clients suffering the maximum penalties.  Contact the Law Offices of John D. Rogers to speak with an attorney for a free consultation.

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