Posted on April 6, 2020

Man Arrested on Federal Charges for Fraudulent Scheme of Bogus Cure for COVID-19

The United States Attorney’s Office reported in a press release the arrest of a Southern California man who solicited investments after claiming to have pills capable of curing those suffering from COVID-19.

The federal bureau of investigation arrested Keith Middlebrook pursuant to a criminal complaint filed in Los Angeles. The complaint alleged one count of fraud carrying up to 20 years in federal prison if convicted.

According to the press release, “The complaint alleges that Middlebrook claimed to have personally developed a ‘patent-pending cure’ and a treatment that prevents coronavirus infection, even though every major health authority has warned that there is no specific antivirus treatment…”

Commenting on the arrest, United States Attorney Nick Hanna stated, “During these difficult says, scams like this are using blatant lies to prey upon our fears and weaknesses.”

On an Instagram video posted by Middlebrook that was viewed more than 1 million times, he shows a pill he say prevents him from contracting COVID-19 and states that if he took the pill and walked into the Staples Center filled with COVID-19 positive individuals, he could not contract the virus.

Middlebrook is expected to return to court after prosecutors seek a grand jury indictment.

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