Public Intoxication Charges – Newport Beach – PC 647(f)

August 5, 2016

Those arrested or cited for public intoxication in Newport Beach were likely detained on the balboa peninsula. It is a misdemeanor offense charged under Penal Code 647(f) alleging that someone consumed alcohol and was unable to exercise care for themselves, others, or were impeding or obstructing the free use of streets of public way.

Also known as “disorderly conduct” or “drunk in public”, charges will be heard and litigated the Harbor Justice Center. Failure to attend court may result in the court issuing a bench warrant and placing a hold on someone’s driver’s license.

Public intoxication is punishable of up to six months in the Orange County Jail and a fine not exceeding $1,000. A misdemeanor conviction will be recorded on your formal record subjecting you to adverse effects as far as gaining employment or obtaining state licensing.

Typically a Criminal Defense Attorney will negotiate with the prosecutor in an effort to come to a resolution that would avoid a conviction on your record. For instance, attending 20 AA meetings and paying a $150 fine to earn a dismissal of the charge. Other availabilities include formal diversion or DA diversion.

If you have been arrested or cited for public intoxication under PC 647(f) in Newport Beach, then contact an Newport Beach Criminal Defense Attorney at the Law Offices of John D. Rogers for a free confidential consultation.

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