Santa Monica Public Urination Charges │ SMMC 5.08.110

April 20, 2016

If you’ve been cited by the Santa Monica Police Department for Urinating in Public, then your case will either be heard at the Santa Monica Courthouse or Airport Courthouse. Moreover, if you were cited or arrested for a misdemeanor offense, then your case will be filed with the Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office and your case will be litigated at Airport. However, if the officer merely cited you for an infraction, then your case will be heard in Santa Monica Courthouse.

A citation or arrest for public urination in Santa Monica is charged under Santa Monica Municipal Code 5.08.110 which provides, “No person shall unload, discharge, place or deposit upon or along any public street, sidewalk, or other public place or upon or along the line of any railroad, any human or animal excrement, manure, offal, or other offensive or nauseous substance…” This code section is found under Santa Monica’s “Offensive Substance on Public Property” and it’s rational for legislation is to preserve the cities beauty and public welfare.

The punishment for an infraction can carry a fine amount of $500 or more. A misdemeanor conviction can lead to probation time or even jail. If misdemeanor charges were filed against you and this was your first offense, then you will be eligible for diversion, or perhaps you can do 16 hours of community service to earn an infraction.

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