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May 11, 2016

Torrance is located in the Southbay region of Los Angeles County. It sits adjacent to Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes. The Torrance Police Department is the law enforcement department which investigates crimes occurring in the city. All criminal arrests occurring in Torrance are sent to the Torrance Courthouse. However, just because someone has been arrested for a crime does not mean they are guilty.

The Law Offices of John D. Rogers handles all criminal matters occurring within the limits of Torrance. Crimes which include assault, resisting arrest, vehicular manslaughter, and all drug related offenses. Our office focuses on minimizing the negative effects a criminal arrest may have on a person’s life. We strive to reach the best possible result for all clients who suffer from a criminal arrest.

Our office has developed a focus on the examination of search and seizure issues. For instance, Fourth Amendment issues related to search warrants, arrest warrants, vehicle searches, and probation search conditions. All Fourth Amendment issues are extremely fact specific. It takes concentration and experience to spot technicalities that could result in getting the case completely dismissed.

In addition, our office believes that a defense investigation is critical for any criminal allegation. It’s important not to accept the government’s version of the case. Instead, retaining the services of a defense investigator is crucial to uncovering deficiencies in the government’s case. Furthermore, our office has access to numerous defense experts in all fields who specific function is to find technicalities in the prosecutor’s case. The government will have a team of people focused on making sure someone is convicted of what they stand accused of. There is no reason why someone facing criminal charge shouldn’t have the same.


Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Child Endangerment
Corporal Injury
Criminal Threats
Domestic Battery
Drug Sales
Grand Theft
Resisting Arrest


If you’ve been arrested, charged, or are under investigation, contact a Torrance Criminal Defense Attorney at the Law Offices of John D. Rogers for a free consultation concerning your rights and defenses.

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