4 Reasons to Terminate Probation Early in Newport Beach

January 1, 2019

In California, early termination of probation is codified under penal code 1203.3 that permits a defendant to petition the court for an order to terminate probation forthwith. Because the conviction ordinarily resulted from a plea agreement with the prosecutor, a defendant must show a legitimate reason to end probation without derailing the intent and spirit of the plea agreement. Below are four (4) legitimate reasons to terminate probation that courts tend to agree with.

  • Military: Court tends to consider a petitioner’s willingness to join the military as a reason to terminate probation. Ordinarily, someone’s probation status precludes acceptance into or promotion within the military. Because military personnel carry a degree of respect for serving our country, judge’s see this as a genuine means of a defendant rehabilitating themselves and moving towards a law abiding future.
  • Child Adoption: Public and personal individual policy have a tendency to honor those who seek to adopt a child. Because the concern of children not having proper guidance and adult influence in their future, an individual seeking to adopt a child in their life carries substantial benefit in the court’s recognition of your personal character. Additionally, it is a step further in helping others – a personal trait ordinarily not confronted to judges when defendant’s appear before them.
  • Immigration: Some people travel into the United States because it’s known for the land of opportunity. Individuals leave their native countries because of poverty and/or political corruption. Court’s understand this and have a remorseful side for those who desire to become United States citizens. By becoming a citizen, an individual will have more opportunity in the employment sector which is a factor the judge will consider towards your path of becoming law abiding.
  • Employment: The most common argument for terminating probation early is employment. The court will consider the threat of job loss due to your probation status or your inability to secure employment because of your present status. This is especially true if you are the sole caretaker and your family members rely on your income to support the family.

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